Sven's Cradle

- stylish design
- adjustable
for Xbox360 and Playstation controller

- 2 pieces in one box
- rubber feet to stay in place
- a 'must have' for every gamer

A game controller needs a place where it can be stowed and presented, because it is just as important as the console itself, which is usually visable.
After all, it is the interface to the virtual world.
Certainly, a controller looks best held in your hand, but at other times it lies just anywhere or even in a drawer. Nobody wants that!
The solution to this problem is Svenīs cradle.
For this reason we developed Svenīs cradle, to create a suitable place for your controllers.
Svenīs cradle consists of 5 pieces: the foot, 2 arms, and 2 positioning pins. These parts will be assembled by you. An instruction is on the back of the gift box.
Soon we will present a video about this.